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A book about a sheriff of a small town in Georgia, Bulwark. Recently separated from his wife and lose of his young daughter, has much on his mind when on a night of a full moon things went from troublesome to downright strange. A real page-turner grabbing you and holding you tight in its’ pages!


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My friend and I are of two minds, she is a Vegetarian and I am a Meat Eater from birth. Grew up on a ranch that grass-fed our cattle, had free range chicken etc.  We also grew our own vegetables and fruit as much as possible.  My father was a big believer in faith and life that you used every aspect of a vegetable and animal that you possibly use, then return the rest to the Earth and give thanks to its’ sacrifice, so that your life could continue…

A early morning ramble about The Big “C” the definition in the Oxford dictionary is:
informal; Cancer.

Sad face! I lost some of the followers! I was so happy to reach 1,000 and now I came on tonight and saw that I am now back to 998.  Two of my followers decided to abandon ship! 

Whoo-hoo, we made 1,000. Now to make a painting and start a give away. Than see how fast we can get to 1,500! Any preferences in style? Spray paint, Surreal, Impressionist, or Fluid FlowAbstract? I make brand new meditation painting for this give away. Totally free and if you are a follower, you are eligible. […]

Just Noticed!!!!

I just noticed I am 1 follower away from 1,000 followers! Thank you to all those, 999, who are following me and reading my wondering thoughts.

Share this blog and let’s see if I can get that 1,000! Once I hit 1,000 I do a give away of one of my paintings.  So, share, share, share!!!


You invade my soul,
You prevent me from sleeping,
Leaving me sleep deprived,
Until I crash & burn,
Like a jet fighter shot down,…

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