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I received this ring today at a discounted price to try it out and give your honest review. – I honestly love this ring and find it a great alternative to traditional wedding ring for those, like myself, who has allergies to metals. It is also a great alternative for those who have an issue for wearing rings for whatever reason – be it they work as an artist or metal working, or if you just don’t like to wear a ring because the XYZlicone Infinity Band ring is very lightweight and it is hard to even tell you are wearing a ring at all. This is a great ring also for those who are sports and outdoor enthusiast.

I read in a review above: “It looks like a rubber band on your hand that you forgot to take off”. The ring is a flat matt black with a good width to it and roundness to the top, which does not say rubber band to me. It also does not pull my hair on my hand when I pulled it on and off. In the same review, the statement was made a tattoo ring would be a better choice then a silicone ring. I have a tattoo ring and I feel that some people would not be happy with this option for several reasons, the main reason is a tattoo ring is a permanent option (you can’t take a tattoo ring off no matter what!).

2016-03-17 11.08.15

As I stated above I am an acrylic artist and this is great ring because I can wear it while painting and not have to take it off in fear of losing the ring or forgetting to put it back on after finishing.

I washed my hands with these rings on afraid that perhaps they would leave black rings from sweating or water, I had no issues with black rubbing off onto my finger, which is definitely a plus! I also took my extra ring and stretched it out and pulled at it to test the sturdiness. The ring did not break so it is very sturdy and did not stretch out of shape or break.

I would suggest these to others.

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