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I love adding fruit to my water, this is a great post on doing just this. What a great refreshing summer “treat” that keeps you refreshed and hydrated. Believe me, I don’t like drinking water, but since I have been adding fruit to my water I have increased drinking water by none to more than a liter a day. I drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning then I start drinking water. I have cut soda completely out of my diet and have replaced it with water.

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Cool, sweet — yet totally healthy — treat for the spring and summer months:

Frozen berries and/or fruit in a water bottle helps keep your water cooler, and adds a touch of flavor naturally. (Bonus: you can eat the berries and fruit after drinking the water!) My personal favorite combination is frozen strawberries and frozen peaches!

You may have to cut your berries and fruit up to fit them into the water bottle.

A bottle with a wider mouth is definitely ideal — I ♥love♥ my Eco water bottle from Tupperware! I have the medium-sized one. You can find them by going to http://beverlywuellner.my.tupperware.com/ and searching for “Eco Water Bottle.”

Now, with the exception of your water bottle being in excessive heat for prolonged periods of time, you can generally keep the same fruit/berries in your water bottle for up to 24 hours. I typically refill mine with refrigerated water…

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