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The Diversity Deal

I read this blog and felt moved to reblog it! The Author is asking Muslims – when Trumpets have had enough of harassing them, (Muslims), and turn from them and turn to bullying the gay man two doors down will they stand watch so they can sleep safely, or will they stand up for the gay man? Will the Muslim escort the woman past the baying mob to the health center, will s/he link arms with the Rabbi to keep the fascists from the synagogue? That is the challenge this Muslim author is putting out there to other Muslims in the face of Trumpets and their threat to diversity. However, it is the same challenge I put out to all Americans. This is a land of diversity, land of the free. Will you stand up with the person next to you? Be they a different sexuality, different race, different religion, etc? If you want people to stand up for you, you need to stand up for them. That’s the diversity deal. – Go read the article I reblogged and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, please – take the diversity challenge – stand up for your fellow American no matter how different they are and see them stand up for you!

Ali Abbas


Diversity and inclusion are wonderful when they work in your favour. In the last week, Muslims like myself have been the beneficiaries of the world’s love and understanding. At airports around the United States people with open, liberal minds have acknowledged that most of us are just ordinary folk. We only want to live and work in peace and free from fear. Owing no allegiance other than our shared humanity these generous and passionate people stood up for our rights and our cause.

I’ll admit that I am conflicted. There are so many sides to what has happened that I am not sure how to reconcile them all. Let me lay them out for you.

Perhaps easiest to understand is that I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love in the face of an act of hate. It is a bright light in a time of encroaching darkness…

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