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I lost some of the followers! I was so happy to reach 1,000 and now I came on tonight and saw that I am now back to 998. Two of my followers decided to abandon ship!

Will I am still going to do the giveaway and hope that the rest of my loyal followers will share my blog and perhaps my other blog: transhawk.wordpress.com so that we as a group can watch the visitors grow and the followers grow. Then I can share with more people. Perhaps, then more people will become more interactive and communicative.

So, here is to the end of a bad day, today was a really bad day, and the beginning of a good one tomorrow and more followers to come! breath in the good, breath out the bad

Now for the giveaway, I do need some interactive communication here – what type of painting would you like to see me give-away?


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  1. Evelyn Deutsch said:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day. I love art of all kinds. Excited to see what you offer in your contest.

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